Mt. St. Mary’s
Sun. 4th June ’72.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Thank you very much for the small binoculars. They are terrific, & they got here in good condition. They are a very convenient size. In fact, I’ve been wasting my time this week looking out the window with them! I can see the rugby paddock from where I sit & it is fascinating watching everyone through my glasses! So thanks very much.

You certainly seemed to have enjoyed your holiday. “Myna” birds are from India somewhere someone said, so I suppose the Indians brought them with them.

I don’t suppose it would hurt to write to Father Connolly when you send out the wedding invitations, to ask if I could come home. He likes that sort of thing. You asked for his mode of addressing Mum just (on the envelop) –

Very Reverend Father G. Connolly S.M.,

Same address as me then on.

And on the letter “Dear Father!!”

Revision for exams begins tomorrow. This goes on for a month before we have our midwinter holidays. These holidays I’ve got to go out “on section” to a college for a week’s teaching and observing. In the past students have gone to colleges like St John’s Hastings, Hastings Boys High, St Augustine’s Wanganui, Silverstream, St. Pat’s Town & Wellington College. I don’t know where I’m going to yet. It won’t come out for about another month. I hope it’s out of the Hawkes Bay area.’ Today some of the students went down to sing at the local Anglican Church (They went to Mass before of course!)

I was talking to Geoff Drane today (he’s in his first year), & his mother & father are friends of Aunty Lucy (Perry). Mick & Olive I think their names are. They live in Hastings now, but used to live in Petone. Do you know them?

Well, I think that that’s all the news there is this week. We seem to be getting frosts every morning now, but S. Peter’s (the same building I was in in my 1st year) now has heating. It was turned on last week & is lovely & warm.

There is some ‘flu’ going around, & a lot of people can’t talk at the moment. I haven’t been affected yet, so I hope to escape.

Love from

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