10 Airini Rd.
Via Havelock Nth.
Mon. 13/12/71.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long.

Thank you for the Birthday present. It looks very interesting, & we haven’t got it in the Library either!

I haven’t got your letter here Mum, but I seem to remember you asking what day I come home. It is Monday 20th (next Monday). The trouble is that it is a chartered bus. We will be calling at Highden on the way down to drop the Aspirant’s luggage. The bus has to get into Wellington about 2 o’clock to enable the Sth. Islanders to catch the ferry. So it is very much in the air as to what time the bus will get to Waikanae. I suppose about 1 o’clock. I’ll get off at Connolly’s Wine Shop & if no one’s there, I’ll leave my luggage there & walk round to the garage.

I’m at Camp at present. Have just come from the Mount after spending 3 days putting silver foil on the caps of wine bottles in the cellars. They’re building a great extension to the cellars at present.

I’m in charge of the food, cooking, etc. at Camp, so it’s not much of a holiday! I don’t have to do all the cooking, but just supervise…

Well, I’ll see you on Monday. I hope you get this before then.

Love from

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