Mt. St. Mary’s,
Mon. 23rd Aug. ’71.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Please wish Helen a Happy Birthday from me.

We had a very enjoyable Conge last Tuesday. We were very lucky with the weather because on the Monday the rain fell in bucketfuls, on the Tuesday it was cloudless, & on the Wednesday it was raining again. For a little while it got very cold, but it’s getting quite warm again now.

The Provincial Chapter starts on Tuesday at “Futuna”. They will probably only have a short session of about a week, & then have a second session in the Christmas holidays. Frs. Hickey, O’Meeghan, Roach & Scully are going from the Seminary. Nevertheless, they left a lot of work for us to do. It is a very important Chapter because this is THE one where they really begin putting into practice the directives of Vatican II (Council). It has taken so long because an International Chapter had to be held first, & the Vatican has since put out various other documents for renewal of Religious & Seminaries.

Well, I’d better sign off now.

Love from

P.S. The big bass solo singer at the Broadcast Mass was not Alan Woodcock, but Brian Quin – the big tall one.

I would be very interested to have Sr. Agnes’ Hymn you mentioned.

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