Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 6th June ’71.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I enjoyed very much the Sunday that Francie & Sharon came through. I forgot to mention to them to keep an eye on the T.V. for that short film on us, but we didn’t know what night they were screening it anyway. It WAS me playing the organ at the end! You could also see me while Pat Devlin was giving out the mail. I was sitting dead in front of him with my back to the camera holding the microphone. They also took a shot of me eating some soup but they must have “censored” it. I was sitting next to Tub O’Connor & we knew that the camera was pointing at us, & we could hear it buzzing. I tried to take a spoonful of soup but was so shaky that by the time the spoon got to my mouth there was no soup on it. I then thought I’d have a bit of bread, but it was a crust & I couldn’t cut it, so I ended up putting the whole piece in my mouth. As a last valiant effort to look natural I thought I’d pass a cup & saucer to Tub O’Connor (he already had one but I had been rendered incapable of eating). The cup clattered everywhere on the saucer, & the tea sploshed all over the place, so I don’t blame them for censoring it. It was just unfortunate that my television career came to such a drastic end so early in life!

Revision began last Tuesday, & exams are periodically sat for the next 3 weeks. Mid-winter holidays are from 4th July – 26th July.

I might have mentioned earlier that the priests & brothers of the N.Z. Marist Province voted several month ago for 2 suitable candidates for the Provincial. (Fr. Bourke finishes his 8 years in August when the Provincial Chapter is held at Futuna). The other day Rome sent back the two names with the highest votes, & now the priests & brothers vote again – but just on these 2 names (whereas before all were eligible). The two names to be voted on are:-

Fr. P. Minto (Rector of Silverstream) & Fr. D. Hickey (Rector of seminary). So there’s a possibility that we might be getting a new Rector up here before the year’s out.

It was bad luck about Leo & the Driving Test.

Last Friday morning we had our 1st Folk Mass complete with guitars & all. It was very successful.

I think that that’s all the news. It’s tea time.

Love from Bruce

P.S. What’s Tony’s & Mehegan’s house address. Presumably it’s still P.O. Box 48 Waikanae.

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