Aspirants 1971

Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 14th Feb. ’71.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Phew! It is very, very hot tonight. The temperature went up to 95° today, & I didn’t even get down to the baths for a swim.

Well, what has been happening in my part of the world recently! We came back from camp on Feb. 4th. (I can’t remember when I last wrote so I don’t know whether I’ve told you all this before or not).

Fr. Hickey is now in charge, with Fr. O’Meeghan as Vice-Superior. Fr. Hickey is very sporty – he played tennis this morning, and went swimming at West Shore in the afternoon. He used to play rugby for Canterbury, before he came into the Seminary.

Alan Woodcock & I have been writing a song (‘pop’) for a T.V. Song Competition. You might know it, they had it last year – “Studio 1” it is called (Not the Song, the programme).I think our song is quite good too.

There are 20 Aspirants – all New Zealanders, although one has been in Tonga for a year on V.S.A. Another one has an M.A., & John Owens’s brother (Brian) has a B.Sc. There are 3 from Silverstream – Pat Wilkes, Michael Richardson (both day boys), & Tim Kenealy (border). Pat Wilkes is the one whose mother you met at ‘Futuna’. However, apparently they were away on holiday for all the time that I was home.

Nisi ‘Ota ‘Ota is back from his year in Tonga, & he is in my year.

This year my subjects are Moral, Dogma, History of Philosophy, History of the Church, & Exegesis. Moral & Dogma are both Theology. Dogma deals with Dogmas of Faith and Moral deals with virtues, vices, etc. Fr. Scully takes us for Moral, & Fr. Weaver takes us for Dogma. Exegesis is the study of Scripture & Fr. O’Meeghan takes us for it. Fr. Bonisch takes us for History of Philosophy, and Fr. Roach takes us for Church History.

This year my jobs are Book-Binding, Organist, and Walnuts!(This last one means that I gather the Walnuts at the appropriate time).

So far, Fr. Hickey has announced a few changes. We can now study in our rooms, birettas are out, & we can form a student Council. (Something like a Parish Council)

I’ve got to go now to prepare supper.

How is the hedge cutting going? I have been taking out a hedge in my garden (so won’t have to cut it now!)

I hope Francie is still writing her diary. I haven’t missed a day yet.

Love from

P.S. Visiting Days this term:-

1. Sunday 7th March (Francie’s Birthday!)
2. Sunday 11th April (Easter Sunday)
3.Sunday 30th May (Pentecost Sunday)

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