Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 11th Oct. ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

Today was the first sunny day we have had for some time, but it was very windy. I went into Napier with 3 others for a bike-ride. I ended up playing the organ at the Napier Anglican Cathedral. It was tremendous – the pipes are on the opposite wall from where you are sitting, so you can hear yourself play. It has 3 keyboards, plus one for your feet, & about 150 stops, which all produce different noises.

I didn’t really play it – but just made loud noises with it, because I was that confused. Half-way through a piece I accidentally pressed a button and the whole organ stopped!! On the way home, 3 cars had collided, but I don’t think anyone was hurt.

Two turkeys are sitting on eggs now. One on 12, and the other on 11. 2 other turkeys are laying. There are 5 hens altogether.

I suddenly realized that I don’t know the Telephone No. of your new house, & was wondering if you could send it. Not that I even think I’ll need it, but once on top of Mount Kahuranaki, 3 students on a Conge ran into an electrician fixing the automatic telephone exchange, & he let them all ring home for nothing, for as long as they liked. So it might be handy to know the number – just in case!

How is Chrissie?

I have started to learn some piano pieces for the holidays.

Well, I had better go now.

Love from

P.S. The Duck’s egg in my home made incubator was 4 days over due, so I broke it open this morning, & the duckling in it was dead, but only about a week off hatching. It was quite successful though.

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