The Geisha

Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 20th Sept. ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

I didn’t write last week because Leila mentioned you were on holiday.

Leila came up last Sunday & we had a very enjoyable day.

I have been kept busy every spare moment practising for “The Geisha”. Mrs. Wilson from Wellington went to the Japanese Embassy & got some kimonos from there. We are putting it on, on Monday (i.e. tomorrow week).

I cooked tea tonight with Mark Hunter. We decided to cook sausages & eggs! And had quite a lot of fun breaking world records & inventing new recipes. The sausages were alright. The eggs… First of all we thought we’d fry them in butter, but 2 pounds of butter evaporated quickly & we’d only fried one egg! We then had a frantic search for the dripping. It was in the fridge. Mark started piling it into the pan but it wouldn’t melt. It turned out to be mashed potatoes!!!!

20 minutes before tea we still hadn’t found the fat, but we eventually got it - & “fried” 80 eggs in 14 minutes – which is probably a world record. Mark did all the cooking while I stood there making all the noises of a frantic cook, such as “Fry stupid” & “Quick! Melt!” However everything turned out O.K., in spite of someone remarking afterwards, “Thanks for the burnt sausage & frizzled egg”!

Last Saturday those who are doing English I here through Massey had a visiting lecturer come & give a few talks.

I hope you had a good holiday at Rotorua. Did you see Margaret & Bert?

Well, I’d better go now.

Love from

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