Mt. St. Mary’s,
Sun. 6th Sept. ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

I don’t think I mentioned earlier (sorry) but next Sunday (13th) is a Visiting Day. I seem to recall you saying that you wouldn’t be coming up next Visiting Day. Anyway, I won’t expect anyone unless they turn up.

This has been a sad week. Last Monday, an Aspirant, John Boyce left. That makes 12 Aspirants now. 4 gone in the last month. Also, last Thursday, Jim Brownlie left. Do you remember Jim? He was one of the ones who came to tea while at Otaki Maori Camp. He was finally professed too. In his 6th year, & only 10 months before Ordination. He was Head Prefect at Silverstream in my 4th Form. He was in the same band as Pat Devlin. (They’ve only got 5 in the band now).

I have designed an incubator in my room – capable of holding two duck (Muscovy) eggs. Whether it is capable of hatching them is another story! I’ve only got another 32 days to wait to see if it works. It’s in a cardboard box:-

The only trouble is I keep waking up during the night with the light flicking off and on.

Well – I’ve got to prepare supper tonight.

Love from Bruce

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