Mt. St. Mary’s,
Mon. 1st June ‘70

Dear Mum & Dad,

I’m afraid that this letter will have to be short otherwise I’ll miss this week’s mail. Last night I was that wrapped up in writing my Scripture essay for the exams that I forgot it was letter-writing night.

This morning, Br. Tony Solomone (the Bellman) woke us up at 4.30! It was quite good really because it was very nice to go back to a warm bed for another hour.

Have you had any frosts yet? We haven’t, but every morning it seems to get a bit colder.

We start Major Revision for the exams today. All the classes for the term are finished.

I got a Memoria car of Tim Donoghue’s father yesterday.

Well, I’d better go to breakfast. Wish Debbie a Happy Birthday from me!

Love from

P.S. Is Aunty Ethel still at Berhampore Flats?

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