The Novice Master was away.
Rob Devlin on the tractor.

Sun. 7th Dec. ’69.

Dear Mum & Dad, & Francie & Leo,

Thank you for the Birthday Parcel. I haven’t begun reading the book yet but it looks very interesting. We are going on a Conge tomorrow (Immaculate Conception Feast) & the “food” will come in handy there – including the slice of Christmas Cake. Also the Legion of Mary Journal has some quite interesting articles in it – I even read it for Spiritual Reading!

Also, please thank Sue for the card with drawings on it! Tell her that she was too muscular to be in a mini! I hope Francie’s cold is better.

Fr. Bennett has finally gone to Futuna Retreat House to give the Retreats. Fr. Scully from the Mount is here at the moment replacing him (he has just finished a year getting his B.A. at Victoria University).

Yesterday, 3 cows got in the Vegie Garden & did a little dance all over it, but they seemed to miss most of the plants, & only ate a little bit of corn. However, such an event is a major catastrophe at Highden.

We finished getting the hay in this week. After it we discovered that there were fleas in the Hay Barn. The fleas are now in St. Annes, & I’m just one big flea bite. However, we think we have got them all now. I only found one in my bed, but I was that fascinated with its jumping that I missed it (I didn’t know they moved so fast) but I got it later (it was under the bed – R.I.P. flea).

Congratulate Leo on getting his Maths exam.

Today, Tim McCann & I found a gecko in the Bush (those green lizards). It is now in a box – but hasn’t moved all afternoon. We don’t know if it is dead or if it is just playing possum. It was quite exciting because we were walking thru’ the bush & suddenly there was a loud roar behind us. I thought I’d trodden on a Hippopotamus or something, but it was just the little lizard.

We had a Sung Mass this morning & have another one tomorrow morning for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

I have finished off Francie’s film & will post it as soon as I have a chance. There were 20 photos altogether in the whole film.

Profession is only four weeks away from today & the air over Novitiate is of course getting quite electric - which probably accounts for all the thunderstorms we are getting in the afternoons! Apparently these last 4 weeks are the hardest, because everyone becomes rather sensitive. We were even told that Novices sometimes get so worried over things at this time of the year that they leave! The other day we applied to the Provincial for our calls to Profession. Then if we get it we are professed & get S.M. after our names which becomes our Family name as much as GOODMAN. So it is quite a privilege to wear the name of Mary!

Well, I can’t think of anymore news. It must be quite nostalgic having all the family finished school!

Love from

P.S. The gecko has a blue mouth!

P.S.S. Enclosed is the dentist bill. If it’s any consolation – if I get called it will be the last Bill of mine you’ll be paying.

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