Sun. 30th Nov. ’69.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I hope you understood my last letter!

By Tony & Rick being my trustees, does that mean that they have the administration & use of the shares? To whom does the usufruct go to? Because as far as I’m concerned, I want to decide that myself. The usufruct will go to whoever is paying the monthly money to the Company, until the Company “pays for itself”. Then I will get permission to change to whom the usufruct will go to if I want to.

1. I am never allowed to sell the shares without permission off the Holy See.
2. I am never allowed to have any say whatsoever in the running of the company, but I can have a say as to whom any profit goes to; & I intend to keep the privilege.

Anyway, whatever happens, I want to know what’s going on.

It has just come out that from the 1st of Jan. 1970, 18 yr. olds can make a will.

Church Law says that Novices have to make a will before Profession, provided they have reached the age set by the Country.

We are professed on Jan. 4th but we go into Retreat on Dec. 26th. Therefore we have to make a will before retreat, but will sign it after Jan. 1st.

Fr. Bennett has S.M. copies of the Will Form, which I will copy out & show you so that you can tell me what to put in the gaps! Father will give us copies to fill in later.

The last few afternoons we have been getting in hay. We might be doing some more tomorrow but that will be the last until next year.

Fr. Bennett will be going away sometime this week.

The students at Greenmeadows will be going out to Waimarama in a week’s time.

This morning we had ½ degree of frost but I thought it seemed very hot.

Well I can’t think of any more news. We can write as much as required during the week now to fix up the matter about our wills.

Love from

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