Tony O'Connor's rendition of Swan Lake at a conge

16th Nov. ’69.

Dear Mum & Dad,

It is a very, very hot day today. Yesterday we had a conge at Barnaby’s. It was very hot then too, but it was good to get out.

I got a letter from John Kavanagh last night. It seems that Mrs. Kavanagh had twin girls the other day, which brings the total up to 15 children in the family!

John Kavanagh has decided to leave the Seminary & work for a few years, but he is a bit doubtful as to whether he will go back. There are 8 leaving from Riccarton all together at the end of this year, but as John said, it’s not a case of all the sheep following one another. I think that if you stay & complete the year’s exams that counts as a year if you were ever to come back.

Everything is extremely dry here at the moment. Some of the barley is starting to go yellow. We have even started praying for rain. The last time it rained was Visiting Day. I think the obvious way to get rain is to have more Visiting Days!

Wish Debbie & Sunny a “Happy Birthday”.

Robert Devlin & I have been trying to catch a black rabbit in the barley paddock, but so far have caught only 4 magpies.

It is only 7 weeks today before Profession, but sometimes I wonder if I will ever make it. So please don’t be too disappointed if you find me one day getting some lunch out of the pink fridge….. Sometimes I wonder if I should even go down South (to Riccarton). Anyway – don’t worry too much about me –

The roses aren’t flowering yet, although I hear that they are flowering well down your way. We had a late frost, & that knocked them back a lot. Fr. Mulchahy – the Vice-Provincial – is here at the moment to visit us. I might ask him about the Finance Co. when I see him.

Well, I can’t think of anymore news. Most of my pumpkins, water melons & cucumbers are up.

Love from

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