Mon. 29th Sept. ’69.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, I’ve survived the Priestly Retreat. We came out of it at 7.46 this morning, with a “Deo Gratias” for breakfast. The Conge is tomorrow. As you can imagine, you feel rather holy during the 8 days of silence, but when you come out of it you feel a bit deflated. Especially when all of your pious resolutions are immediately broken! (We hadn’t been talking for 5 minutes when I started arguing with Tony O’Connor as to whether or not Broad Beans had to be pollinated by Bumble Bees!)

As you’ve probably guessed by now, there’s not much news this week!!

I hope that the stock sale went well.

My knee is almost 100% better now, & the bruise is gone. I went for a run on it the other day.

Well, sorry to write such a short letter. Job changes for term haven’t come out yet – probably in next couple of weeks.

The Novice Brothers’ retreat was due to begin tonight (after ours) but Bro. Anthony had to fly down to Christchurch to see his mother who has deteriorated a lot in the last month since I wrote.

Some of us will be going to Feilding on Wednesday to tidy the Presbytery Grounds for Fr. Jansen (I think he was at Waipawa [or Takapau] for a time?)

Can’t think of anything else to say…

I’ve started a vegetable garden! Just a small one at the back of Dormitory Block where no one will ever see it. So far it has got 5 plants of parsley, 1 small cabbage tree plant, 6 small gum tree plants, 4 gladioli bulbs & 11 rows of rhubarb seeds!! However, it filled in recreation hours of the retreat, & I’m sure it will greatly benefit all future Novice who can spend many happy hours eating rhubarb!

Love from

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