Sat. 10th May ’69.

Dear Mum, Dad, Francie & Leo,

I suppose the May holidays have started by now.

This is only a short note because it was my turn to write to Greenmeadows this week, & time is running out.

Please thank Sue for her note. (I hope Francie’s chilblain in her ear didn’t turn into anything!)

You haven’t mentioned whether or not you were still wanting the goldfinches I wrote about.

I have started making an insect collection again. At the moment I have two wetas in my room!

Had better fly – have to go & watch my favourite T.V. programme – Night Prayers.

Love from

P.S. Mrs. Devlin called on Robert today before leaving on the world tour on the 21st. It’s freezing here at the moment, but I have got plenty of clothes.

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