Cape Kidnappers & gannets

Mount St. Marys,
Green meadows.
Fri. 27th Dec. ’68.

Dear Mum & Dad, Francie & Leo,

This time next week (Fri. 3rd) we will be at “Highden”.

At the moment I am sick in bed – the first time this year. I think that I am just exhausted. We had a big Xmas Tea and I went for 2 swims yesterday. The surf wears you out without you realizing it. Anyway, this morning I got up a 5 o’clock to prepare to go to Cape Kidnappers and I vomited. I vomited at regular intervals all this morning! Also, I had Summer Sickness Symptoms, but I am better tonight and will probably get up tomorrow.

Thanks very much for the Christmas presents - the sandals, and the shirt from Francie & Sue, Kitch & Family.

Sat. 28th. I am up today.

Leila, Rod & Nola & Family came to midnight Mass and had supper afterwards. Leila gave me a large tin of biscuits.

Nothing much has happened here lately. The weather has been fine & I have spent a lot of time on the beach. There are quite a lot of Silverstream Old Boys out here, and a lot of priests also come to the beach. There are also three houses of nuns who holiday out here every year. It looks quite funny seeing nuns walking along the beach with bare feet sticking out of their long habits. Apparently you can tell which are the nuns when they go for a swim because they are the only swimmers with sunburnt feet!

My address at “Highden” is:-

Marist Fathers’ Novitiate,
Private Bag,
Palmerston North.

We went to 3 Masses on Christmas Day. We Novices-to-be thought that it was rather a “Spiritual Christmas”, but we were told to wait until we get to “Highden”. We would then see what a “Spiritual Christmas” was really like.

Well, I think that that is all the news. Thanks once again for the Christmas presents.

Love from

P.S. Thurs. 2nd Jan.

“Happy New Year!” Sorry I didn’t post this earlier. Am in a terrific hurry. Leaving for “Highden” tomorrow morning & have to pack.

It was good to see Sue, Kitch & Family. I enjoyed my day out. I meant to write to Mehegan & Tony, & Helen & Rick before Novitiate but I can’t now – only 1 letter a week & that home. Another matter – 4 students from here Brothers Peter Lander, Michael Fitzgerald, Bernard Carney & (I think) James Brownlie will be at Otaki at “Maori Camp” from Jan 10th to the 20th. They don’t know their programme yet, but I told them to ring you when they get to Otaki & they might be able to have tea or something at home. Anyway, they will ring you re an invitation!!

Well, have to fly –

Love from

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