Every now and then at Camp there would be
a "High Tea" to celebrate something or anything

Sun 22nd Dec. ’68.

Dear Mum & Dad,

This time two weeks we will be at “Highden”. We have already had 2 weeks of Camp & it has just flown.

I am sorry that you can’t come up, but apparently Fr. Bennett (the Novice Master & Superior at “Highden”) is allowing more Visiting Days during Novitiate, so it will be easier for the whole “clan” to visit next year.

The trousers fit very well thanks. Also the sun-glasses from Francie, Sue & Kitch & Family are used all the time on the beach. The hat you sent is perfect. There is an underground movement within the community to get it all wet and make it floppy. However, I wore it in the rain the other day & it is now in good shape.

I saw Nola & family this morning at Mass. (Rod was mustering). Nola said that Leila was hoping to get out to Waimarama for midnight Mass, but it depends whether it fits in with her night shift. I will be playing the Organ.

The weather has been perfect these last few days. The surf has been quite good too, and I can now “ride” them by putting my arms at my sides and shooting along on the crest of the wave – looking down at the beach like this.

It is great fun.

Today I had two patients. One spilt a pot of hot fat over his feet, and another is in bed with a head ache.

Last Wednesday the Aspirants (or Novices elect) put on a Concert. We had a Mock Sung Vespers, where we inserted words about different things that happened during the year. We also had a fashion parade & the “Mount Top 10”. It was a great success. Tomorrow we have to decorate the Maloka (that’s what we call the Camp Rec. Room) ready for Christmas.

Well, I think that that is all the news. The mail leaves here only 3 times a week so I don’t know when you will get this. I wish I could be home for Christmas. Have a good Christmas & New Year anyway.

Love from

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