It was claimed by some that the most expansive view of Hawkes Bay
was from the toilet at the top of the seminary's tallest building.

Mt. St. Mary’s,
Mon. 25th Nov. ’68.

Dear Mum & Dad,

We had our written Philosophy exam this morning. It went quite well. Tomorrow at 5 p.m. I have my Philosophy Oral – that is when you have to get up in front of everyone and speak for 10 minutes on whatever you’re asked.

Dan O’Leary, who is in his 5th year here and was a prefect at S’Stream in my 3rd form, had a brother who was killed in a car accident yesterday. So he has gone home.

Some of the Massey University Exam results were published in the “Daily Telegraph” on Saturday night. English was not among them. I expect another lot of results to be published tonight but English might not be out yet. Fr. Haase, who teaches Canon Law to the Theologians, got Education II.

Yesterday Phil McCabe called in. He was that person from the C.Y.M. who was at Breda’s 21st. He played the piano accordion and is an old-boy of this place. Aneco Kortavesky (I can’t spell it) from Paraparaumu was with him. She asked after Francie, and said that she had not seen much of her lately. I think they had come up for some youth thing in Napier.

I see in tonight’s paper that the results are not yet published.

Tues. 26th. At the moment I am sitting in a desk listening to ORALS EXAMS.

It is now three hours later and I am still sitting in a desk listening to Orals! It is very boring, and you can’t do anything because you are too nervous about your own Oral, which comes 3rd to last at the end of the day.

Sun, 1st Dec. The Oral went well. Thanks for the telegram for the English. The 4 who sat units all got it.

Sorry I never posted the letter last week. Am looking forward to seeing Helen, Rick & Stanley on the 8th Dec. [after lunch approx. 1.15-1.30 p.m.] Have ¼ of an hour before I go into Retreat so have to fly. Have silence for a week & can’t write letters.

Visiting during Holidays – we got to Highden on Jan. 3rd (approx.) Doesn’t matter when you come up because van goes to & from camp frequently. Doesn’t matter if my Camp is broken. Best, I think, for you to name a date because any date suits me. (Except near Xmas Day!)

Visiting Dec. 8th – could you send up some more tooth picks. Have run out.

Also, it is time to change the green blanket! Underpants fit.

Sorry for the scrawl. Have to go.


P.S. We don’t get letters to read during Retreat. So if anything crops up suddenly, don’t write a letter!

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