My Fair Lady

Mt. St. Marys,
Sun. 15 Sept. ’68.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Leila visited today and we had an enjoyable time. Actually, she thought it was next Sunday, and didn’t realize until today at dinner that it was in fact today. I showed her round the new buildings, etc. She loved the library! You can tell all the time that she’s a nurse – “That’s a nice statue of Our Lady; she’s holding the baby the right way”! “Grapefruit… good for Vitamin XYZ & stops you getting colds”! Apparently Rod was going to come too, but when she reread your letter, she discovered it was today, so Rod didn’t come. She wants him to come sometime though. I gave her a list of the visiting days.

It is only 2 weeks away before “My Fair Lady”. You should see the clothes Brother Simon is making. He is quite good at sewing, and made all the curtains at “Highden”. Anyway, he is really going to town over the ladies’ costumes for the Ascot Races. Just out of an old singlet, a shirt, a sheet and crepe paper. Also the hats & umbrellas are tremendous. Jeff. Pratley (6th year) is Eliza Doolittle, Alan Woodcock (3rd year & Mr Bird’s-from-Taihape nephew – you met him Mum at the Mini-Congress) is Higgins, and Michael Fitzgerald is Pickering. Kerry Maher is Freddie.

I have finished all my English Assignments for the year. I got an A- for the last one. The exams (I think I told you) are on Oct. 22nd & 30th.

Rugby Tagg season has now finished. The last game was on Thursday (Feast of the Holy Name of Mary) & a Free Day.

Well, I think that that is all the news this week.

Love from

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