Sometimes guitars came out at a conge

Mt. St. Marys,
Sun. 8 Sept. ’68.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Thanks for the trousers. The drill trousers fit perfectly, but the cords are too small unfortunately. Would it be possible to change them? If so, will I send them or wait until the next time someone is up? If they can’t be changed I would be able to fit into them for about a year, but there is no expanding room at all. At the rate I seem to be expanding at the moment, I would only give them a year!

Thursday was a beautiful sunny day. After breakfast Fr. Mannix announced that he thought it was good Conge weather, so we all packed up and went on a Conge. Where else in the world could you do that other than in a Seminary?!

The weather has been generally hot and sunny, and Roman Sandals and Summer Shirts have started to appear. Do you realise that we have only two weeks to go before we are half way through the second term? It is only 3 weeks before “My Fair Lady”, 6 weeks before English exams, and 10 weeks before Christmas holidays (which leaves about 15 Shopping weeks before Christmas!)

I got a letter from James Northcote-Bade recently. He is at Victoria University and seems to have come out of his “shell” somewhat.

Mr. Papesch, the blind music teacher I was telling you about, spent 1 ½ weeks here. On Monday he took us for a music class in Japanese Music Appreciation. Last Friday he took us for an Experimental Psychology class, and showed us his Braille typewriter and told us what it was like to be blind. One interesting thing was that he told us he had no notion of what darkness was, because darkness is the opposite of light. It was like trying to see out your elbow. He didn’t actually “see” darkness. Another interesting thing he told us was that he sensed objects. He was sitting almost in the centre of the room, yet he could tell us how much closer he was to one wall than the other. When he is waking along the street he knows if he is walking by a hedge or a tin or wooden fence, and thus can tell when he comes to crossroads. He was very interesting, and it doesn’t stop him from doing much. Several year’s ago he was one of N.Z.’s top organists.

In Sociology at the moment we have been learning about Advertising, and you don’t realize until it’s pointed out how much of it is wrong, because it creates a need and makes people act irrationally. I’m sounding like a fountain of wisdom but I was quite surprised to find out about it.

Well, I think that that is all the news.

Love from

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