Working in the laundry
Kerry Maher, John Owens, John Lomu

Mt. St. Marys,
Sun. 21st April ’68.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I am glad you enjoyed your afternoon at Greenmeadows.

Fr. Delaney was here today – he recognized me immediately. He knew the date of Tony’s Wedding and everything, so he seems to have some reliable sources somewhere.

I still haven’t got my first Assignment back from Massey yet, although it is a month since I posted it. John Owens got his back 2 ½ weeks ago, so I’m wondering if mine has gone astray. Our next assignment is due in on Wednesday, but it is difficult because I don’t know what my tutor wants or expects. I can’t act on her (Mrs Tate’s) advice because I haven’t got any as yet. However, I suppose it will turn up. I can’t write and ask for a while yet, because they might take offence. So I can only wait, & it is rather discouraging.

That book you mentioned, “Keyboard Musicians of the World”, by Percy M. Young seems to be quite interesting.

I forgot to ask how the First Aid Lessons went that you were going to.

Today they harvested the crop of maize, some of which is used on the chooks & some is sold. They got approx. 160 bushels to the acre, which I think they said (I don’t know anything about bushels) is either a record for the Mission farm or for Hawke’s Bay.

My next organ fixture is for May 1st when the Superior General arrives. I have to play a Benediction, so I will be doing some practise.

My long greys which were taken in, fit perfectly. I have already filled my rubbish bin twice so it is much in use, as is Leo’s bookcase.

Well, that is all the news.

Love from

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