These recordings of the late Cynthia Jobin include poems that are not in her two published volumes of poetry: A Certain Age and Song of Paper. The recordings are taken from Cynthia's website. A copy of the written words can be found on her Website

Poems found in neither anthology

X 1. A Flower Does Not Talk (No audio)
X 2. Apple Harvest
X 3. Aunt Mabel (by William Stafford) (No audio)
X 4. Bette Claire
X 5. Birds Of A Feather, Not (No audio)
X 6. Christmas Card
X 7. Concatenation (No audio)
X 8. Development
X 9. Different Kinds Of Ten O'Clock
X 10. Effusions On A Walk Through The City (No audio)

X 11. First Snow (No audio)
X 12. Friends (by William Stafford) (No audio)
X 13. From Poetry of William Stafford (No audio)
X 14. Getting To Know (No audio)
X 15. Happy: A Memoir
X 16. Hard Flowers
X 17. I Keep Them Close
X 18. In-ex-pensive
X 19. Island (by Langston Hughes)
X 20. It

X 21. Just a Note (not a poem) (No audio)
X 22. Just Morning (No audio)
X 23. Measure Trap (No audio)
X 24. Newsflash (No audio)
X 25. Not Haiku (No audio)
X 26. Old Codger (No audio)
X 27. Old Missus Gimble
X 28. On The Vanity Of Earthly Creatures (by Arthur Guiterman)
(No audio)

X 29. Post Blizzard Whizz (No audio)
X 30. Prinderella And The Cince

X 31. Quo Vadis? (not a poem) (No audio)
X 32. Resolution Dissolving (No audio)
X 33. Sailing On A Gift Of Tears

X 34. Sand (No audio)
X 35. Shampoo And Conditioner (No audio)
X 36. Sharp And Inconspicuous (No audio)
X 37. Shortly Hereafter
X 38. Sonnet II (in English)
X 39. Sonnet II (in French)
X 40. Spectacles
X 41. Summer Morning, Heat Wave (No audio)
X 42. The Bus To Abilene (No audio)
X 43. The Elegant Useless (No audio)

X 44. The Trouble (No audio)
X 45. The Way It Is (by William Stafford)
X 46. Turkey
X 47. Twelve, Twelve, Twelve (No audio)
X 48. Valentino
X 49. Weekend In June
X 50. We Have An Extra Day
X 51. Where The Dog Died (No audio)
X 52. Who knows? (not a poem) (No audio)
X 53. Wild Goose Chase
X 54. Wordings

Poems in French

X 56. ANI MAL (No audio)
X 58. TRIOLET (No audio)
X 60. BONNE NUIT (No audio)
X 61. LE LAC ET NOS AMOURS (No audio)
X 62. RONDEL (No audio)
X 63. LA TOUSSAINT (No audio)
X 64. NUIT BLANCHE (No audio)

Hear Cynthia read further poems:

X Song of Paper
X A Certain Age