These recordings of the late Cynthia Jobin reading her poems follow the order presented in her second printed collection of poems, Song of Paper, edited by John Looker and published by Bennison Books. A copy of this anthology is available from Bennison Books. The recordings are taken from Cynthia's website and from a CD she made to accompany her first collection of poems, A Certain Age.

Part One: Love Knows Not

X Awake, My Soul
X Still Life With Prickly Pears
X Notes for a Sonnet
X Ruins of Dawn (No audio)
X Sonetto Primavera
X Sonetto Timoroso

Part Two: As Far As Sicily

X Future Perfect (No audio)
X Patient Belongings
X Into Something Rich and Strange
X Bereft
X Crepuscule
X Dumbfounded
X Unfallen Rain
X Love's Not Times Fool - A; Love's Not Times Fool - B
X Sunflowers
X Real Estate
X Sonetto Incredulo
X The Sun Also Sets
X Sung Exhortation to my Heart in the Shower
X The Palpable Obscure

Part Three: The Job of Watching Snow

X Riviera Reverie
X Lulu, Snow Watcher
X Cat Watching Snowfall (No audio)
X Vigilante Farm (No audio)
X More's the Pity
X In the Cards (No audio)
X Equinox
X Last Cat Conundrum

Part Four: Poetry These Days

X Poetry These Days (No audio)
X A Fib
X International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet Soup
X Sapphics
X Prelude to a Necessary Song

Part Five: The Child Inside

X The Trick of Treats
X Sticks and Stones
X The Child Inside
X Are We There Yet?
X Is It Christmas Yet? (No audio)
X Sleep My Little Cabbage

Part Six: There Were No Stars

X The Memory (No audio)
X Epistemology
X Ravelry
X To Bear the Beams of Love
X There Were No Stars
X The Food That Feeds But Does not Satisfy
X Things They Are Throwing Out That I would Rather Keep (No audio)
X Bing Crosby
X Last Evening, At Supper
X Fourth of July
X Return to a Landscape

Part Seven: Palimpsest

X By the Time You Wake up, Your Hair Will be White
X All Over Again
X Palimpsest
X A Great Reckoning in a Little Room
X The Old Guitarist (The Man With the Butternut Guitar)
X The Tribes Are Wondering
X In a Garden of Givens
X Obligatory Wake
X A Crow Upon a Dead Tree Branch

Part Eight: Keeping Keeping On

X The Air
X Griselda
X Cold Comfort (No audio)
X Let Nothing You Dismay
X February Fill-Dyke
X The Story of the Glory Of
X Between Commercials

Part Nine: Distracted into Now

X It's Madness - A; It's Madness - B
X A Dog in the Grass
X MaryMartha
X Valediction Spoken in a Melancholic Tone while all alone at Sunset on a Grassy Knoll in the Presence of Several Quaking Aspen Trees Forbidding Mourning
X Should the Ability Appear
X Ode to a Condiment
X Six Yellow Tulips (No audio)
X An Occasional Poem
X Pamplemousse (No audio)

Part Ten: The Way the Sun

X By the Androscoggin
X Conversation with a Creek
X Walking on Water
X January
X The Eyes of March
X Fiddleheads
X New Moon (No audio)
X The Way the Sun
X Earth Laughs in Flowers

Part Eleven: Let Me Down Easy

X To a tulip
X What in the World
X Still Life: Maine Oranges
X Hey Nonny
X In the Shallows
X Come September Naturally
X Among Other Things
X Maple Yellow, Maple Red
X Another Milestone
X Getting It
X A Certain Age
X Under the Dog Star
X The Snow Will Make No Noise
X Delusion of Camels
X Autumn in the Sky
X North, Early December
X Now is the Fall
X Night Draws Near Brother Ass

Addendum: A Celebration in Translation

X Sonnet VIII - English
X Sonnet VIII - French
X Sonnet IX - English
X Sonnet IX - French
X Sonnet XII - English
X Sonnet XII - French

Hear Cynthia read further poems:

X A Certain Age
X Other Poems