These recordings of the late Cynthia Jobin reading her poems follow the order presented in her first printed collection of poems, A Certain Age. The recordings are taken from Cynthia's Website and from a CD she made to accompany this collection of poems.

Poems from A Certain Age

X 1. Prelude To A Necessary Song
X 2. A Certain Age
X 3. To A Tulip
X 4. To Bear The Beams of Love
X 5. Bereft
X 6/7. Patient Belongings
X 8 Sunflowers
X 9. Into Something Rich And Strange
X 10. The Palable Obscure

X 11. Real Estate
X 12. Crepuscule
X 13. Future Perfect (No audio)
X 14. But Once A Year
X 15. Is It Christmas Yet? (No audio)
X 16. Bing Crosby
X 17. Even A Mouse (No audio)
X 18. The Christmas Fake Book
X 19. New Year's Day (No audio)
X 20. February Fill-Dyke

X 21. A Lustrous Robe And Wings (No audio)
X 22/23. Equinox
X 24. Disappearance Of Two O'Clock (No audio)
X 25. Woman In Spring With Cane
X 26. Six Yellow Tulips (No audio)
X 27. G&T And Entropy
X 28. Comparing Summers (No audio)
X 29. Is It Halloween Yet? (No audio)
X 30. The Tribes Are Wondering

X 31. La Destinée, La Rose Au Bois
X 32/33. Later
X 34. That Memory (No audio)
X 35-39. Bedtime Story: Little Women (No audio)
X 40. Griselda

X 41-43. The Unclaimed Teasure
X 44. Sung Exhortation To My Heart, In The Shower
X 45. Dumb Animals (No audio)
X 46. Vigilante Farm (No audio)
X 47. Cat Watching Snowfall (No audio)
X 48. Pathetic Fallacies (No audio)
X 49. Riviera Reverie
X 50. from the Sud Italia News

X 51. I Am Furniture (No audio)
X 52/53. Beau
X 54. Of Daily Propositions (No audio)
X 55. Without You, The Cat (No audio)
X 56. Percy Beast Sheltie
X 57. Executive Orders (No audio)
X 58/59. Same Old, Same Old (No audio)
X 60. Litter Jitterbug (No audio)

X 61. Night Prayer Of An Egg Mender
X 62. Anticipating Minor Surgery (No audio)
X 63. At The Registry Of Deeds (No audio)
X 64. Pocket Meditation (No audio)
X 65. Claire Voyance (No audio)
X 66. The Parking Lot (No audio)
X 67. Night Waters (No audio)
X 68. The Air
X 69. Between Commercials
X 70. Days (No audio)

X 71. The Way The Sun
X 72. Meditation (No audio)
X 73. Disciple
X 74. Where Esses Look Like Effs (No audio)
X 75. Limerick (aka Weblog)
X 76. Funny How The Mind (No audio)
X 77. The Idiot Factor (No audio)
X 78. Never Say Die (No audio)
X 79. Great Uncle August And Us
X 80. Things They Are Throwing Out That I Would Rather Keep (No audio)

X 81. Thumb Thing
X 82. To Get To The Other Side (No audio)
X 83. The No That Comes Out Yes (No audio)
X 84. As If I Am The Measure Of All Things (No audio)
X 85. There Were No Stars
X 86. Resentful Housecleaning
X 87. Ruins Of Dawn (No audio)
X 88. After The War (No audio)
X 89. Shades Of Archimedes (No audio)
X 90. Spare Change

X 91. Old Spice
X 92. Riding The Mountain
X 93. The Gift Of A Line (No audio)
X 94. Some Similes For Smiles
X 95. Ode To A Condiment
X 96. Enchanted Cigarettes
X 97. An Occasional Poem
X 98. Prayer For My Left Leg (No audio)
X 99. Silver Maples (No audio)
X 100. Ten Past Ten (No audio)

X 101. Armageddon Lesson (No audio)
X 102. Epistemology
X 103. Obligatory Wake
X 104. The Old Aunt You Felt Guilty About Not Visiting... (No audio)
X 105. Knees (No audio)
X 106. Longfellow Mountains
X 107. It's Madness
X 108. By The Time You Wake Up, Your Hair Will Be White
X 109. The Muse
X 110. Getting It

X 111. Return To A Landscape
X 112. Acknowledgement (No audio)

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