What is the Play About?

Three animal trappers live with their partners near a river deep in the mountain forest. They are isolated and self-sufficient.

Events that occurred in the same place in 1904 mingle and interact with the events of now. In the past there was a murder. In the present day, Lill disappears while on a picnic to Murderer's Hut.

The river floods. The men take the animal pelts to town. The women are alone. "So a man was shot. I said it was an accident. That's good enough.".



"Elemental, evocative, warm and cruel."
The Christchurch Star

"Once in a while a reviewer comes across a jewel, which he or she treasures long after the event. It keeps on shining through the dull days. Such is River Songs. This play has a refreshing economy: each character is delineated with a minimum of word and gesture. Violence and misery stalk out of the past to haunt the present. The conclusion is terrifying."
The Christchurch Press

"River Songs is quite the best play in years. To read it was exceptional; to see it is thrilling."
The Christchurch Shakespeare Festival Trust

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