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Bandy: I asked you not to go.

Rags: But you didn't tell me about the man shot dead. You said it was an accident.

Bandy: You don't need to know everything.

Rags: You don't trust me, that's it. You said it was...

Bandy: It's your fault she's missing. I told you not to go.

Rags: I don't have to tell you everything I do. What do you think I am? A little...

Bandy: There! You said it: "I don't have to tell you everything". Nor do I. So a man was shot. I said it was an accident. That's good enough.

Rags: But it wasn't an accident. And now Lill's missing.

Bandy: It's your fault. I told you not to go.


Bandy: We'll have to call the police.

Rags: How?

Bandy: Someone will have to go into town.

Rags: Can't you look for her?

Bandy: Look, there's a murderer out there. Someone said they saw smoke coming from Whitnell's Hut. And there you go having a... picnic up there. I told you not to go.

Rags: Well we didn't get there.

Jock enters Hut 1.

Jock: Lill's missing.

Rags: Don't you think we know.

Jock: (turning on her and grabbing her) What did you go on a picnic for? You knew she was like that. You've been here long enough to know that.

Bandy: You leave her alone.

Jock: Stay out of it. (Shaking her) Where is she?

Rags: I don't know.

Jock: Where is she?

A fight develops between Jock and Bandy.

Bandy: Leave her alone. You bash up your own woman.

Jock: I'll bash who I bloody well like.

Bandy: Get out of it, Rags! Get out!

Jock: Careless bitch.

Rags exits. The two men are now fighting on the floor.

Bandy: You leave my woman alone. Don't go touching my woman.

Jock: (breaking down) It's Lill, Bandy. She's lost. It's Lill.

Bandy loosens his grip and stands.

Jock: (crying) It's Lill, Bandy. She's lost.

Jock stands.

Jock: It's Lill.

They stand apart, Bandy stands helpless - unable to deal with Jock's emotion. Silence.

Jock: It's Lill.

Bandy gives Jock a punch. Silence.

Rags and Bandy in the Christchurch Production

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