What is the Play About?

This play is a parody on the Soap genre. The bitchy lives of Caitlan, Briar and Holly are cluttered with money, men and New Age crystals.

As they weave their intrigue, Brook, Andrew, Andrew and Andrew become entangled in an increasing bizarre parody of life as presented on chat shows and talkbacks.

Logan, the vicar, brazenly treads the tightrope of political correctness. "Here he was, in the prime of his manhood, lumbered with a wife who dribbled on her bodice."



"A soap with attitude. Superb. The characters strut the stage like the heroines of some great tragedy."
The Christchurch Press

"A subversive and absurd evening. A kaleidoscope of images and eccentric ideas. Madcap changes of partners and sexuality as Goodman-crazed as ever. The challenges to many societal and dramatic conventions were refreshing and exciting (a Goodman trademark). Awesome tableaux. Magical structure. Magical poetry. Strangely moving. The Armageddon Cocktail Party was a brilliant moment."
Montreal Express

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