2158. Devouring Shakespeare
© Bruce Goodman 17 June 2021

Averil decided to join the local Read the Classics Club. The group met every Thursday evening in a room underneath the town library. Professor Slatkin was the chair and guided the members. They would all read the same classic at the same time and discuss it at the meeting.

“This year,” announced Professor Slatkin at Averil’s first meeting, “we are going to devour Shakespeare. So many people are afraid of Shakespeare. There’s no need to be afraid. He won’t bite you. Simply get a copy of the complete works and begin. Start by sinking your teeth into The Comedy of Errors. It’s Shakespeare’s shortest play and therefore a good one to begin with.”

Averil was dismayed. Had she perhaps bitten off more than she could chew? She began with page one. To Averil it was dry. It was hard to swallow. By the end of the week she had finished.

“It’s not to my taste,” Averil confessed to Professor Slatkin. “I don’t think I could cope with anything bigger.”

That was the end of Averil’s attempt to devour Shakespeare. “I think I’ll go back to reading,” she said.

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