2299. Hidden treasure
© Bruce Goodman 9 December 2021

Lynette thought fortune cookies we sort of fun but she didn’t believe a word of what they said of course. She was eating Asian with her boyfriend one afternoon, and when she broke open the fortune cookie there was a tiny map inside. Clearly it was a section of the town she lived in; at least the three named streets on the map were the same. There was a little cross marked on the map.

What is it? asked Warren.

It’s a map!

There could be treasure there, suggested Warren.

There’s only one way to find out, said Lynette.

They set off towards the named streets. Naturally many false turns and wrong leads were taken in the next several hours. Warren seemed to be a master at going in the wrong direction. Eventually they had narrowed down the cross on the little map to within a few metres. They stopped right outside where Lynette lived.

Surely the map doesn’t lead to my own house, said Lynette.

It could be in your mailbox, suggested Warren.

Lynette opened the mailbox for a look. There was a piece of paper inside.

She read the note. It said: Lynette, will you marry me? Warren went down on one knee.

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