2298. Bank robbers
© Bruce Goodman 8 December 2021

Officer, I assure you that I hadn’t planned on becoming a victim at the bank when I got up this morning. Just because I was the only one to have survived out of the ten people who were in the bank at the time. It’s not my fault the others were shot and I was spared. I’m sorry for the families of the dead people but you must realize that I can’t but help celebrate my lucky escape.

I’ve given you every skerrick of information I have. You kept me at the police station for over five hours. And now I just want to go home. I’m as shocked as anyone about the whole affair. It has frightened the living daylights out of me. I need to go home now and try and relax.

It’s not my fault that Teddy Morgan and the other bank robbers got away. I was simply in the bank to take out some money, and then all hell broke loose. Now can I please leave? You have my address if you need anything else.

What’s that? How did I know his name was Teddy Morgan? Um…

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