2107. Take your pills
© Bruce Goodman 21 April 2021

When it came to taking his regular medication Robert was careful beyond belief. If he forgot to take his pills in the morning, by afternoon he was reaping the ill-effects of such forgetfulness. All in all, there were eleven pills to take. He took them as regular as clockwork just before breakfast.

Today, however, he wasn’t sure if he had taken them. Prior to breakfast he’d been engrossed in his computer. There had been a large fire in an old house not far down the road. Possibly it was arson. That house had been there long before he was born. The Kydd Family used to live there during his school days. In fact he’d been mildly friendly with one of the Kydd daughters at one stage and had visited the house several times. Now it was a pile of ash and rubble.

There wasn’t much online about it, but Robert had been absorbed in his search for information. He had then risen from his desk and gone to the kitchen for some breakfast. But had he taken his pills?

There was nothing to indicate that he had and nothing to indicate that he hadn’t. He could hardly take them now. What if it was the second time in a day? Two lots of pills could make him ill. In fact (he didn’t know for sure) it could possibly kill him. Of course, if he had not taken the pills he would certainly know come mid-afternoon when the pain set in.

And then he became fully awake. He’d been lying in bed in that twilight between sleep and wake. He realized then that he hadn’t even got out of bed.

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