1241. Spoilt rotten
© Bruce Goodman 12 February 2018

Florence is a bitch. She’s totally pig-headed. For example, this evening when I cooked dinner (for both of us) she refused to touch it. It was nothing fancy, I know, just some ground meat and some rice, but you’d think food would be food. But, oh no! It’s wasn’t good enough for Florence.

She’s nine years old and behaves like she owns the world. She won’t go here. She won’t go there. She never does what she’s told; not a thing. She seems to go to bed when it suits her.

And two-faced; just the other day when I couldn’t get her to do a thing she was told, suddenly visitors arrived and she was all over them. Sweet as pie. Oh yes! She knows how to behave when visitors are around. It’s not half obvious to me that she wants something from them.

As I said, she’s a bitch, and one of the favourite dogs I’ve ever had.

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