1145. Origami night classes
© Bruce Goodman 28 September 2017

My friend Bill said he’d never heard of anything so stupid as people going to night classes to learn origami.

“What the hell do they need to learn origami for?” said Bill. “And paying money to do it is even more stupider. Who on earth would take a course like that?”

Well, I told him a few of the people who were taking the course; like Mrs Brown from down the road. And Mrs Silverwood. And Mrs Silverwood’s daughter, Deidre.

“Deidre Silverwood?” exclaimed Bill. “What’s she doing something stupid like that for?”

Anyway, last night I phoned up Bill to ask if he wanted to hang out in the gym or something. His mother answered the phone and said he was out for the evening. He’d started taking night classes in origami.

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