1168. Cheese goes with anything
© Bruce Goodman 31 October 2017

Portia’s husband had been an extremely successful businessman; so much so that Portia had never had to work. She had spent her married life pursuing hobbies. One of these hobbies was cheese-making.

Portia was invited to speak about cheese-making to the monthly gathering of the Country Women’s Institute.

“The great beauty of cheese,” began Portia, “is that even in a simple sandwich it goes with so many things. You can have it in a sandwich just on its own. Or you can have it with egg, or onion, or jam, or vegemite. Occasionally I like to have it with a smidgen of tomato sauce. You can have it with celery or shrimps or cold meat. There are countless things you can put with cheese.”

What Portia failed to mention was that the last time she made a cheese sandwich for her late husband, he had it with arsenic.

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