1169. A pretty dismal affair
© Bruce Goodman 3 November 2017

Ronan knew exactly what he’d give his father for Christmas. He would inspire Dad with his very own story – at least that’s what the advertisement said. What if Dad knew his ancestors were Irish? Or Scandinavian? Or even South Asian? Would he celebrate with a pint of Guinness? A plate of pickled herrings? Learn some Hindi and take the kids on the journey of a lifetime? It was time to find out.

Ronan wanted it to be a surprise, so he had his own DNA analysed. Then he could take his father’s line and go yah-yah-yah in a paternal direction. Happy Christmas, Dad!

But Mum and Dad had both had their DNA analysed and were presenting a copy to each of their kids for Christmas.

Oh the sometimes inevitability of life! Ronan’s DNA had nothing in common with his father’s. Christmas rather quickly turned into a pretty dismal affair.

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