1033. That's because
© Bruce Goodman 8 April 2017

Your lips are as sweet as honey.
- That’s because I’ve been cooking dinner and tasting it to make sure it’s to your liking.

Your hands are soft and fragrant.
- That’s because I’ve been doing the laundry in the tub because your washing machine is broken.

Your hair is wild and natural and lovely.
- That’s because I’ve been up the hill out the back in the wind collecting firewood to warm the house.

Your body is lithe and perfect, like a model in an advertising centrefold of popular magazines.
- That’s because I spend hours digging your vegetable garden and mowing your lawns.

Your walk is as graceful as a gazelle.
- That’s because I walk your dog every day.

Your taste in clothes is impeccable.
- That’s because I buy the occasional thing with money earned from working a forty hour week.

You are the perfect woman. Marry me.
- I’m outta here.

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