1013. Top of the cliff
© Bruce Goodman 7 November 2016

Some compare me to Mother Teresa (if you can remember that far back). Well I’m not Mother Teresa; I’m NOT standing at the BOTTOM of the cliff picking up the pieces like she did. I’m there at the top of the cliff. I’m at the top of the cliff helping people.

It happened almost accidentally. I started personally helping people at the top of the cliff and invited others to contribute. People cottoned on. I found the best way to get help was to promise them things; for example, if they gave ten thousand I’d make sure their photo got into the paper. I have enough connections to do that! People are so vain. You have to use their foibles in order to make charity work. I called my charity the Top-of-the-Cliff Bedrock Base.

It’s strange, but the more I help people the more I get enjoyment. It’s so satisfying pushing people off that cliff.

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