947. Radishes and turnips
© Bruce Goodman 14 May 2016

Peter loved his gardening, although he wasn’t very good at it. He had a vegetable garden and was very proud of his produce. It never was much. A few lettuces, and a few tomatoes, a carrot here and there, and some radishes. He’d done it for nearly forty years.

Every year he’d written to the seed manufacturing company to complain about the radish seeds. Every year turnip plants had grown up among the radishes. There were turnip seeds mixed in with the radish seeds.

Every year the seed manufacturing company had replied that “it can’t be so”. Can’t be so, my foot! There were turnips growing amidst the radishes – every year.

Peter hated turnips. He would never plant the seeds. His wife, Rosalie, absolutely loved turnips. But she wasn’t much of a gardener.

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