937. Drive-through
© Bruce Goodman 4 May 2016

Darryl was such a nice old man. He was 83. He’d never been through one of those drive in things, where you drive through, order your food on the way, pick it up and pay and keep on driving. One of those fast food places. But Darryl was up to a new experience, so off he went.

First of all he didn’t know how to find out what to order. He was so busy driving. And then the voice at the speaker asked: “Howjuwannitdone? Douwantomatosace?”

Darryl didn’t have a clue what was being said, so he kept on driving. And then the lady at the window when he reached it was all annoyed and Darryl said, “Can I order? And what do I order? How do you do it?” and the lady said “Too late! You’re holding everyone else up, so get on your way.”

So Darryl went on his way and had a blackout and drove his car straight through the front window of the take-away place. If he hadn’t hit four people (the worst injury was a broken leg and a squashed bun) it would’ve been a scream.

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