896. The knighthood
© Bruce Goodman 24 March 2016

An announcement was made. The government had made a recommendation, and the Queen herself had approved (she had no choice). Thomas Barry McLeod was to receive a knighthood. He not only had a lifetime of playing ice hockey in the country’s top team, but he had made a sizeable donation to the local soup kitchen that fed the homeless. Sir Thomas McLeod!

Sir Thomas McLeod has a certain ring to it! It was as if, when his parents had named him, they knew he would be destined for greatness, and had selected a name that would sound grand when appendaged with a title. Sir Thomas McLeod!

Gregory John Greenwell also played ice hockey and had made a donation to the soup kitchen. He didn’t get a knighthood. No one had really heard of him.

Sir Thomas McLeod was interviewed. He said: “I am extremely humbled to receive a knighthood.”

Gregory Greenwell was also interviewed (for no apparent reason). He said: “I am extremely humiliated not to receive a knighthood.”

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