880. A stint in town
© Bruce Goodman 8 March 2016

There were so many birthdays coming up all at once. Christine had to go into town “for a considerable stint” to get it all out of the way. There were gifts for Harry, and Tess, and Lenny. There was beer to get and various items of food. And wrapping paper! She’d almost forgotten that! Imagine coming home after “a considerable stint” in town and have nothing to wrap the presents up in! And did Laughlin want to come? Was he busy? Could he lend a hand?

Laughlin was her husband.

No, he couldn’t come. He couldn’t spare the time. There was a pile of paper work to get through.

An hour or two passed, and Christine was heading back to the car loaded with packages. She should have got her keys out earlier. How could she hold all the parcels and fumble in her purse for car keys at the same time? And then she saw it…

…her husband. Walking down the steps from the entrance to a house of ill-repute. She knew it was a house of ill repute. Everyone knew it was a house of ill-repute. Her husband disappeared around a distant street corner.

Christine reached the car and drove home. Her husband was home, fussing over papers.

“Get much done?” enquired Christine.

“Lots,” said Laughlin.

Christine carried on as usual. As always.

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