836. Making ends meet
© Bruce Goodman 24 January 2016

Verity and Barney Tattle had been married ten years. They had three children. Verity was a “homemaker”. Barney worked in a garden centre. Then Barney lost his job.

Barney found another job, as a nightshift worker at a factory. The pay was lousy. In fact it wasn’t enough to support his family. Let Barney take up the story…

“Through it all,” said Barney, “through thick and thin, my wife managed to put enough food on the table. Goodness knows how she did it, but she did. Wise budgeting I suppose, and knowing how not to waste a thing. She was a miracle worker if there ever was one. She coped on the smell of an oily rag for two years. And then I found a new job. It paid better. The hard times were over, but my wife had saved the day. My getting the better paying job was the beginning of our real trouble. That was when Verity was diagnosed with cancer. She lived for only another three weeks.”

Verity? Verity Tattle? Were you married to Verity Tattle? All the guys wondered what happened to her. Well I never! She was the best night club pole dancer in town.

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