813. Happy New Year... again!
© Bruce Goodman 1 January 2016

It was New Year’s Day! What an exciting year lay ahead for Jocelyn! Her youngest daughter was expecting twins in March! A granddaughter was to be married in April! Jocelyn and hubby would celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in July; they were going to Vienna! Jocelyn was putting in a fishpond! I know it’s a silly thing, but Jocelyn had always wanted a fishpond, and it was in the making! No water yet, she was letting the concrete “season”. Not to mention all the little delightful things that could happen in the coming year, such as going for walks, and camping trips, and… and… just smelling the flowers!

Oh what a happy day! The children and their spouses and all the grandchildren came for lunch! Jocelyn had prepared simply cold meats and salads.

Everyone had a great time. And so, Dear Reader, may you have a wonderful year too! This story goes to show that bad things don’t always happen in these tales. So many of you are so darn cynical, expecting me to kill everyone off in a story. But no one drowned in the fishpond, for example. That comes later. The fishpond’s not finished yet.

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