858. He brushed passed
© Bruce Goodman 15 February 2016

Mr Sonny Hickmott was a pretty good teacher of Mathematics. Most of his high school students achieved well. Trena however, hated his guts. She hated Mathematics, and extended the hatred to Mr Sonny Hickmott.

Trena wished to see the school counsellor. “Twice Mr Hickmott has brushed passed me. It is most uncomfortable. He stands in the aisle between the rows of tables so I have to squeeze past him to get out. He stands at the classroom door and I have to wiggle through.”

Trena wished to see the school principal. “Twice Mr Hickmott touched me. He leans over my shoulder and pretends to be helping me with my work. But he’s touching me. And once he brushed passed and touched my breast.”

These days Mr Sonny Hickmott is out of work. No one will employ him. Trena has dropped Mathematics altogether. She’s feeling pretty pleased with herself. Except, she doesn’t like History, and hates her History teacher’s guts.

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