913. Helicopters
© Bruce Goodman 10 April 2016

It was to be a big day for Cherry. She had spent all year doing a course by correspondence on hydroponic gardening. Today was graduation day and she had to drive into the big city. She left early. The traffic was always atrocious.

Husband Jules had to take the day off work to look after the two boys. Cherry was a stay-at-home mother, and the pre-arranged baby-sitter had fallen through. Jules wasn’t a “natural” when it came to looking after young kids – not even his own. He found it hard to find things to keep them busy.

And then the best thing happened! A helicopter flew low overhead. Helicopters were hardly ever seen flying over the house. The two little boys loved the helicopter! Jules and the boys spun on the lawn like helicopters. Round and round they went until they fell over! What fun! And then they went inside and drew some helicopters. Next they made some helicopters from some sycamore seed pods. Thank goodness for the helicopter flying overhead. It was going to be a helicopter day!

What they didn’t know was that the emergency helicopter was carrying their mother’s body to the morgue.

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