774. Geraldine’s picket fence
© Bruce Goodman 23 November 2015

Geraldine decided to make a fence. It was to be a lovely white picket fence along the front of her garden. It was going to be a masterpiece!

She went to the hardware store and purchased some boards made of polyvinyl chloride and some nails. She placed them in some sort of order on the ground near where she was going to erect the fence.

That was it! She didn’t do any more. People asked, but where’s the fence?

I’ve done it! she said.

But that’s not a fence! everyone cried adverbially. A fence is not just bits of wood and some nails and paint lying about!

Oh yes it is, said Geraldine. This is my wonderful fence and I’ve finished. It’s so satisfying. It was quite a challenge.

(Oh sorry! I’ve got all muddled. It wasn’t a fence at all. It was November, and Geraldine was writing a novel).

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