595. Household budget
© Bruce Goodman 28 May 2015

Ross Grut had fallen in love with Lorraine Thornburrow. These things happen for no reason at all. One minute you’re fine, and the next minute you’re all gar-gar. That’s what happened to Ross. And for that matter, that’s what happened to Lorraine.

Anyway, they started living together, and Ross said they should work out what to do with the money. A million dollars aside would mean roughly that they could spend about nine hundred dollars a week for twenty years. That would have to cover the cost of cars and rent and food and everything else. So ultimately, their million dollars wasn’t going to give them much of a life together. And after twenty years nine hundred dollars was hardly worth a penny.

Putting six million aside would guarantee enough to live on, as well as initially pay for a house and a couple of cars. Then they could live on what was left over for twenty years without having to worry. They needed to agree on that.

Lorraine thought it was stupid. They could buy a house with a bit of the million and keep on working. At least then they’d have some security if they lost the money.

Ross said she didn’t understand finances. They got into a huge argument and Ross left the house, slamming the door as he went and calling her “a damn stupid bitch who didn’t have a clue how to budget for sweet f-all.”

Anyway, they hadn’t even bought a ticket in the lottery, so it was all hypothetical.

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