577. Gail managed to save
© Bruce Goodman 10 May 2015

Gail’s friends were always amazed at how she managed to save. True, she had a well-enough paying job; a sort of business Jill-of-all-trades. She was forever flying all over the country attending meetings and organizing courses. But nonetheless, she always managed to save much more money than her equally well-employed friends.

For example, when she had to hire twelve more trestle tables for a function she ended up getting them for free. The lawn-mowing company kept her lawns and gardens in immaculate condition, and for free. She got given “spare eggs” from the nearby poultry farm. The list went on. She seemed to have a variant of the Midas touch: everything she touched turned to free.

Frequently she would be away for the week at a meeting somewhere. She always got to park her car nearest the airport terminal entrance. And for a week! And for free!

Freddie the airport carpark attendant was always bored. Of course he was never bored for an hour or so after Gail came back.

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