570. Hacked off
© Bruce Goodman 3 May 2015

Barney wasn’t just the jealous kind, he was also a nerd. His girlfriend was Amelia. Amelia wasn’t too much of a small fry when it came to internet technology as well.

Barney, fearful that Amelia was “seeing someone else”, hacked into her computer and followed her emails with intense emotion.

Amelia, aware of Barney’s watchfulness, concocted a whole string of emails from fictional lovers. Some even suggested a certain degree of graphic detail.

Barney was devastated. Consumed. Sick to the core.

Delighting in her success, Amelia got friends to send to her anonymous emails from fictional lovers. They all watched as Barney hacked away. The fun of it!

Barney was last seen attaching a hose to the exhaust of his automobile.

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