526. Overheard conversation III
© Bruce Goodman 20 March 2015

Yes! These potatoes ARE new - of course – even though it’s past the season for new potatoes. I like them cooked with just a little mint. A quick scrub and into the pot. That's it. That's all. And asparagus. Just a light boil and then butter. These asparaguses here must be out of a tin. It’s not the season. Or imported. I don’t know what the hospital is doing spending all that money buying imported vegetables. Vegies are very reasonable at New World. The meat's sometimes a bit tough, but... well, I'm sorry...

How do you think I felt? Cold, she said. Have it cold... That's Marjorie... That's Marjorie... Well I can't help it. If you think I'm going to go to her place after all I've been through. If that's the way you want it you can take the pickup and go. I'll keep the kids. They can get to school on the bus. I'll manage. I'll manage all on my own as I have in the past. Don't go making a big thing of it. The faults all on my side, oh yes, all on my side, it's always on my side, whenever you're not pleased, it's all on my side, my side of the family, my relations, not yours, oh no not your relations, next thing you'll be related to the Duchess of Cambridge.

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