524. Overheard conversation I
© Bruce Goodman 18 March 2015

Yes, why yes, of course, we’re so lucky to have Pope Francis. He leads by example. He’s not just words words words. I mean, he lives in that hotel room, and drives around in an old car. He challenges us all, does he not? It’s lovely. And he eats his meals with everyone else. Which reminds me…

We’re having the Hickson-Barker’s over for dinner on Friday evening. I thought we would have snapper crudo with chilies and sesame served on slices of cucumber for hor d'oeuvres, but I can’t think what wine to have with it. Any suggestions? And do you think that it would be too much to serve Portuguese pork and clams after that? That’s pork and clams marinated in a mix of wine, garlic, oregano, bay leaves and cumin, and then sautéed with potatoes, tender cannellini beans and cayenne pepper. I think that’ll be alright. The Hickson-Barker’s are such picky eaters. Do you think there’s too much fish in all that? But after all, it is Friday in Lent.

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